Happy Birthday My Sight Newark!

Many happy returns to My Sight Newark, which celebrates its first birthday in February with a slap-up meal!

An incredible first 12 months

It’s been an incredible first 12 months for the group, which has enjoyed a summer walk in Sconce Park, an art and craft day, a cruise along Newark’s beautiful and historic waterways onboard the Newark Crusader canal boat, an interactive tour of Southall Minster and a yoga class!

It's absolutely magical!

Carol Hiscock who is one of the visually impaired members of My Sight Newark, said: “I absolutely love My Sight Newark, we’ve done all sorts of things!  It’s literally saved my life by opening up my world again after I lost my sight and my life seemed to close in around me. The most important thing has been meeting people in the same boat as me, but I’ve enjoyed the activities too. I’ve joined the arts classes and am painting a canvas!  I’ve never painted anything before and now I’ve gone blind I’m painting a canvas – it’s absolutely magical!”

A group to be proud of!

Danny Du Heaume, My Sight Newark’s Hub Coordinator, said; “We’ve enjoyed an incredible first 12 months at My Sight Newark and so we wanted to really celebrate our success with a meal out we will all remember. The visually impaired people who attend My Sight Newark have made it a fun, happy and vibrant group, which we can all feel justifiably proud of.”

“Of course none of this would have happened without the incredible support of our wonderful volunteers, who make an enormous contribution to My Sight Newark’s success. We are also grateful to the wonderful townsfolk of Newark who have taken our group to their hearts.”

Come and join the fun!

If you’re visually impaired and you’d like to join My Sight Newark and take part in its next 12 months of fun, friendship and adventure, or you’re interested in becoming part of our wonderful team of volunteers, please call us on 0115 9706  806.


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