Keep warm and stay healthy in the cold weather

The Met Office has issued an Amber Weather Warning for very cold weather and possible snow across Nottinghamshire this week.

Keep warm

When the temperature plumets, it's important to keep warm, even when you're indoors. The NHS advises people to heat their homes to 18 degrees and to keep active as even a small amount of activity will help to keep you warm, so try not to sit still for longer than an hour or so and get up to stretch your legs and move around as this will help to keep you warm.

Layer up!

Lots of thin layers of clothing are better than one thick jumper as each layer helps to trap in the heat. Stay in doors if you can and stock up on medicines and food. If you have to go out make sure you wear warm shoes with a good grip.

Look in on your neighbours

if you live close to somone who may be vulnerhable, someone who is over 65 or lives alone or who has a chronic illness or a disability, be a good neighbour and check that they're OK.

For more advice on staying healthy in cold weather:


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