IT & Technology Service

IT & Technology Support Services

There are many ways in which we are helping people with a visual impairment learn about new and potentially life-changing technology or get to grips with computers, the internet or mobile phones and the latest GPS and orientation aids.

Help at home

Our home visiting technology service will help you set up and familiarise you with your home computer. We can show you how a few simple changes, such as enlarging the text, adjusting the resolution, choosing a different colour or using speech software can help you to use your computer in the way that you want to opening up a whole new world of opportunities for greater independence.

Please call 0115 970 6806 to arrange an appointment. Prices for a visit are just £7 for members and £10 for non members (subject to change)

Buying a New Computer?

As well as teaching computer skills we support our service users through the process of purchasing a new computer. Our experienced staff are able to assess what hardware and software is needed and then source it at the best possible price. We can then provide training and support to help ensure you get the most from your technology.

Our award-winning IT & Technology Service allows you to set your own goals and is completey user-led by each individual service user.

Drop-in IT & Technology sessions

In addition to our home-based service, which continues to be in high demand, we also provide IT & Technology drop-in sessions at our Advice & Equipment Centre, conveniently located in the Victoria Centre Market.

Our self-contined unit in the Victoria Centre offers privacy and access to the latest large screen, wall-mounted monitors, fitted with an arm bracket which enables you to bring the screens close toward you or move them away from you, for better accessibility. The keyboard and mouse are all blue tooth for added ease of use and we've installed the latest acessibility software for both magnification and speech.

Date & time

Our Drop-in IT & Technology sessions take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 1:30 until 4:30pm. As space is limited, please try to call in advance to avoid disapointment and to check availability. Please call Alan Hart on 0115 9706806.