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For the first time in my life I’m being encouraged to have a go! 

“I’ve lived with cerebral palsy since birth, but being diagnosed with glaucoma was frightening.

“All my life people have told me I can’t do things because I’m clumsy and because I might hurt myself. Using scissors and paint brushes were always a ‘no-no’ because of my cerebral palsy, so I never had the opportunity to try art and to see what I could do.

“When I took up art and choir at My Sight Notts I felt for the first time in my life that I was being encouraged to have a go. I was in a safe place where people didn’t try and stop me trying new things but actively encouraged me – it’s an amazing feeling!

“Sometimes I feel as if I’m living with the cares of the world on my shoulders, but for just a few precious hours a week at My Sight Notts arts workshops and when I’m singing in the choir I’m surrounded by people who see beyond my multiple disabilities and encourage me.

“I’ve seen my art displayed in public galleries and I’ve sung as part of the choir in concerts all over the country. I feel so proud of what I’ve achieved and of what I can do given the right encouragement and support.”

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