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Independent living

Our Peer Support Group provides local visually impaired people with the opportunity to come together for mutual support, to explore their feelings, discuss their concerns and learn coping strategies so that they can begin to come to terms with what has happened to them and start to re-build their lives.


My Sight Advice Magnification and correct lighting are vital to many of our clients.We are often aware that people struggle to use their magnifier effectively, so have decided to run specialist days to support you in using your magnifier. It may be that you would benefit from a new one, or for some people a different magnification strength would be preferable.


Many blind and partially sighted people across Notts find it hard to go out alone. We want to change that.

My Guide Sighted Guide

There are many ways in which we are helping people with a visual impairment learn about new and potentially life-changing technology or get to grips with computers, the internet or mobile phones and the latest GPS and orientation aids.

IT & Technology Service

We are the local agents for the national charity British Wireless for the Blind Fund. There are a range of options available from basic radios to the latest MP3 and podcasting technology.

British Wireless for the Blind Scheme

Our Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) based at Queens Medical Centre is available to support patients who are newly diagnosed as having a visual impairment, or those who have had a change in their vision. The ECLO can also provide information on how to register with your local authority, and what beneftis maybe available to you.

Information and Support at the Queens Medical Centre

The Equipment and Advice Centre is open most Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The centre is in the Victoria Centre Market opposite Peggy’s Pantry and between Mary & Tony’s Book Shop and The Gold Shop. For more details on the location please contact us.

Equipment and Advice Centre

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