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Everyday hundreds of Nottinghamshire’s blind and partially sighted people feel marginalised or discriminated against because of their disability. We’re committed to helping them get their voices heard on a range of local issues from the built environment, to welfare rights and from education and employment to access to information.

In recent years we’ve worked with our local and national partners and with local visually impaired people to campaign on a range of local issues affecting the quality of life of local blind and partially sighted people…

In 2011 we were instrumental in delivering the local Loosing Patients Campaign, which called for better access to healthcare information for visually impaired people.

In 2016 we campaigned against the development of a shared space scheme (where vehicles and pedestrians share the same streets), which opened on Station Street in Nottingham City Centre.

If you have a visual impairment and you feel that you are struggling to get your voice heard on a local issue we’re here to help.

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