“A few years ago I developed a blind spot in my eyes, I’ve been to lots of opticians and doctors but no one seems to know what’s wrong. I’ve had two falls at home and because I look after my wife when she’s not at the Day Centre I worry in case I can’t look after her properly.

“I’ve been visiting Sarah, who brings aids and equipment to Bulwell Library for quite a long time now, I always try to go when I know she’s there. She’s pleasant to talk to, she listens to me and she treats me with respect – which when you get to my age not everybody does.

“I get good advice on what to do about my eyes, Sarah even phoned Age UK for me to set up a home visit by somebody who could check that the house was safe and there was nothing that was making me fall. She also arranged for me to visit the eye clinic at the hospital. The doctor there said I had a cataract coming and it was reassuring to know what it was.

“Knowing My Sight Notts and Sarah are there if I need them is reassuring and because they visit Bulwell, I don’t have to travel far.”